Monday, August 13, 2007

"You Had to be There" - Apples & Oranges 8*10*07

Mona Lisa! Holla!

Cheer up Bucko

lucky finger

Red HOT special!

the Cutest prison photo ever

if only everybody said PEACE like that...

Bounty Hunter and friends

pink bracelet!

Kick Yo Ass

tres locos

Mustard Yellow

Vogue. IT. GIRL!

Suspender grabidge

"P" for Pussy Poppin Poodles

the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen

Vests are the Shit!

i wanna climb that necklace right now

stupid girl had to ruin the picture... GEEEEZ!

what do u think about that girl above... Judges say?

BLUE DRINK had a good time at the party for sure

What ever you do... Don't drink the red stuff...

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