Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is the second shirt in our collaborative tee shirt series for the "Breakfast Club." We have hand picked many musical artists around the Los Angeles area to be a part of the family in a series of clothing ventures. Last month we worked with Them Jeans a.k.a. Jason Stewart ( on a Pet Shop Boys inspired tee design. We had a release party at Cinespace in L.A. and pictures can be seen at This month we are working with Royal Rumble ( on a tee and 3-D glasses set. The whole design is offset to be three dimensional and the words were hand drawn. We also had a release party in Santa Ana and the pictures can be seen at Next up is Young Americans ( out of Los Angeles and Hush Hush fame. Stay tuned people! There are 2 more artist projects in the works along with more parties and releases.

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