Tuesday, August 07, 2007


GRN traveled to Chicago this past weekend to attend a little musical festival you might have heard of: LOLLAPALOOZA.
We caught up with some famous musicians and saw some amazing sets, so we thought we'd share a little of that with you.

Perry Farrell backstage:

M.I.A.- one of the best performances of Lollapalooza

M.I.A. live at Lollapalooza

Meeting M.I.A. backstage:

Chicago DJ from the GRN sponsored Dark Wave Disco after party wearing our limited tee

Chicago Skyline from the venue

Juliette Lewis at a local venue

Backstage with the Cold War Kids

Chicago Manhole:

The Diffs

Another amazing performance, The Godfather of Punk--Iggy Pop and the Stooges with Mike Watt from the Minute Men blew our minds, especially when Iggy invited the fans to rush the stage!

Crowd mobs the stage during the Iggy performance

Some of the performance

More Iggy

Hangin with some fans:

Iggy Pop

Catching up with the Kings of Leon backstage

After the show we made friends with some rock n' roll ladies

Luis meeting Mike Watt, bassist of the Minute Men and who performed with Iggy

And finally back to the hotel for a couple minutes of rest before the after party

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