Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thunders' Thursdays'

In honor of his screeching, penetrating guitar sound, we here at GRN have decided to dedicate today to the one and only Mr. Johnny Thunders. Why, you ask well let the videos speak for themselves... and if you have to ask why.. well.. use your imaginations for what we think about you.. for we don't wanna offend anyone...alright..we'll just say do your research...

"Looking For a Kiss" off of New York Dolls First self Titled album. A very lyrically intelligent album that addresses controversial issues like the Vietnam War, mental health and other social issues of the time.

"Born Too Loose" (Born to Lose) off the Heartbreakers L.A.M.F., a highly praised album, although the mixing was condemned. L.A.M.F. is a punk classic that documents the important bridge between the U.S. and U.K punk scenes.

On January 4th, 1987, core New York Dolls members Johnny Thunders, Arthur "Killer" Kane, and Jerry Nolan and guitarist Barry Jones {London Cowboys} performed an informal reunion at the Roxy in LA. Gotta have this one!!

"Sad Vacation" off of Johnny's Solo album Hurt Me. this is Johnny as a folk artist. This is all acoustic, all johnny. It'll put you in a mellow mood.

The only question now is Who Killed Johnny Thunders?!?!?!??

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