Thursday, June 14, 2007

So.. whats everyone doing tonite???.. oh this..

Introducing ADIOS and CIAO CIAO!

ADIOS spent 500 years in fire and brimstone before the Devil discovered his good natured ways and kicked him out of Hell.
Too mischievous for Heaven, ADIOS was condemned to live forever on earth, in his modern grave-loft with his girlfriend ciao ciao and their cat Skeletrino. Together, ADIOS and Ciao Ciao wander the world, sharing with others how to make the most out of this life.

Skeet plays dance music, Skeet plays music you heard on your graduation trip to Paris. Skeet does a lot of live remixing, and funky shit with VST effects. Skeet tries to push the bar whenever he goes out to DJ. Skeet's trying to bring club music to America. So go listen already.....geez!!

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