Friday, June 08, 2007

Ahhhhhh!!! Weekend!!!


For one of the greatest times you'll ever have, go here...

For those not down to drive to Long Beach (your loss)(My boy Hassan will be here tonite for his birthday.. go give him a nice punch in the face):


What a wonderful day to chill poolside.. Sun shinin.. Music playin.. Girls bikini wearin.. Girls Bikini wearin.. Girls Bikini wearin..

Feelin Artsy???


Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw Records) is doing a mini tour of Los Angeles. Dates, times and venues as follows:

Sun, June 10: The Do-Over @ Cranes Tavern | 80's early house & electro
Mon, June 11: Funkmosphere @ Carbon | 80s rare soul & boogie
Tues, June 12: Cinespace | 90's hipster ironic BADD covers (C.M.B.)
Wed, June 13: Dub Club @ The Echo |70's dub & roots reggae 45s
Thurs, June 14: The Root Down @ Little Temple | 80's hip hop 45s
Fri, June 15: Firecracker @ Grand Star | 70's disco-jazz & Afro-Latin
Sat, June 16: Funky Sole @ Star Shoes | 60s deep funk 45s


We can do or normal Sundays

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