Friday, March 14, 2008


Oh the old conundrum....Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Some may argue that the chicken had to come first in order to produce the egg. However, others argue that the egg came first in order for the chicken to exist. We question who invented chicken fried rice because it has eggs and chicken. RIGHT?!? That stuff is goooooooood!

On another note, we have our own conundrum here at GRN Apple Tree. Below you will see our LETHAL tee shirt from Spring 2008.


However, here is GRN team member Cody with the same graphic on his arm.


How could this happen? Did he heat transfer the tee shirt graphic onto his arm? Did it magically appear? Which came first? Do you care? We hope you do!

Since the question has been floating around we wanted to give you, oh loyal GRN fan, the answer.
The graphic was created by GRN art director/owner Luis Antonio for Cody last year. Both men share a love for David Bowie. The graphic is meant to evoke Bowie's wisdom and influence in music. Cody tattooed it on his arm and Luis liked the graphic so much that he turned it into a tee shirt!

Therefore, if you want to own a piece of awesome/grand/disco/heathen history then you can buy the tee shirt at

There, we feel better getting this of our chest. Now go get your Bowie on and get this tee!


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