Thursday, July 05, 2007

I.E. Represent..

Many may argue that the only good thing about the Inland Empire is Coachella and Velencia Oranges. Personally I think it's rad that the city of San Bernardino (which is in the Inland Empire) is ranked among the Top 25 Most Dangerous cities in the nation. It was #16 most dangerous in 2004 and #10 in 2005. According to FBI data of 2007, its murder rate was 31.3 per pop. 100,000 In comparison to Los Angeles' rate, 13.9 per pop. 100,000, San Bernardino's murder rate is relatively high. Why is that rad.. cause ima gangsta sucka..thats why.

So we here at GRN were lucky enough to stumble across two kids feeding the starving electro mouths of the Inland Empire Youth with stinkie cheese breakdowns and fatty ass kicks that will pulsate in your ears for days to come. 5000 Animals is a duo of kids (JOHN D aka DEFACTO and RICHIE aka RICHIE RICH!!!) playing live sets with the likes of korg keyboards and beat machines.. ADD them: 5000 ANIMALS!!!

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RA! said...

dope thanks for givin the IE (san bernardino) + 5000 animals,desolate some good press lol =)

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