Monday, April 30, 2007

Planting Sounds:

Okay readers,
Here is the introduction of a new feature to the GRN Apple Tree world. Planting Sounds will highlight bands throughout the area that are bringing eargasms around the office. The first two featured artists are Funeral Party and Jeremy Jay. Both of them played last Saturday at a secret location (pictures coming) much to the pleasure of our private audience. Funeral Party closed the night and really stole the show.

Jeremy Jay Interview:

1.Where are you now?
I'm in Olympia,Wa recording a record
that will be released on K records
in Oct.

2. Where are you from?
Well I'm from LA and Monterey California

3. What are your songs about?
My songs subject vary dramaticaly and include
the full scope of human experience. I just released
a new 7" single on the Kulman label called
"Moonbeam Window". Lyrically it's very surreal
and musicaly sorta like ESG grovin' with the goonies.

4. What's your favorite drink?
Hot Chocolate

5. What bands did your parents listen to?
My dad : Motzart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, ect...
My mom: Jaques Brel, Francious Hardy, and Edith Piaf.

6. Do you care that we are at war?
Of course. I wish everyone was at peace.

You can see more of Jeremey and hear his music at

Funeral Party Interview:
Chad Elliott (Lead Singer)

1. Why did you put this band together?
We wanted to start a band that didn't sound anything like any of the other bands in are area
2. Where's the band from?
Whe are from a stupid little town called Whittier.
3. How long have you been together?
It's going on two long years.

4. What are your songs about?
Ummmm it's hard to say, nothing and everthing to say the least.
5. What's your favorite drink?
I think as a band collectively, we all seem to enjoy beer.
6. What bands did your parents listen to?
Stupid ones.

7. Do you care that we are at war?
I think we shouldn't be, there's no point.... I don't know, do you care?
GRN - (Yes, we care.)

Check out for more sounds and information.

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