Friday, March 09, 2007


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MARCH 17th, 2007
TIME: 7:00PM- 10:30PM
PLACE: 3137 Glendale Boulevard.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12-6 (or by apt.)
March 17 – April 15, 2007

FOR MORE INFO: 323.660.9393

Artists featured: Luke Chueh, Kathleen Lolley, Kevin Titzer, Tiffany Liu, ReneƩ Lawter, Alex Noriega,Eun Ju Chang, Jeni Yang, & Dany Paragouteva

When asked how he liked children, W.C. Fields supposedly replied, "Broiled!" Sentiments like this are the making of children’s nightmares across the globe. Childhood is a delicate time, when anything is possible and imaginary visions can be more real and frightening than anything of this world. Cult of Childhood explores the menace and charm of childhood.

Contemporary society is often consumed with the daily pressures of the workplace, traffic-congestion and the ever-soaring cost of living. Escaping into the nostalgia of childhood takes us to a time of ease and innocence; a time gone by when we were carefree and invincible. Easily forgotten are the monsters under the bed, the ghosts hiding among the shadows and all of the creatures that lurk in the dimmest corner of the closet. Childhood fears dwell in the unrestricted imagination influenced by nighttime stories, myths and dreams. The dichotomy of fairytales and dark fables is the inspiration for this exhibition.

Cult of Childhood openly embraces this mischievous duo. The dance and mix of opposing ingredients into a squeamish cocktail will turn a cringe to a grin, allowing the playful and wicked, the cute and barbaric, the poison and sweet, the vicious and curious, the child and creep to live happily in the underbelly of childhood.

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