Thursday, March 09, 2006

i came, i saw...i hit em right dead in the jaw...

So this blog is pretty much alot of the events that happened the last week or so....Session A, Sevilla's, outtings with the FD$ and PA's visit from AZ, dancing, drinking, laughing, singing, piracy, alchemy, snow, blow, girls, boys, candy,'s getting late. There's some old stuff that i dont know if i blogged or not yet....oh well. here we go:

 this is how we practice....we sit around, drink yummy things, and then do routines and try to kiss each other. haha




watcha know about occupying Kabuki and eating japanese things?! haha


i found some chalk in my bag...and ummm...yeah.


mmmm...chalk. mmmm...marc jacobs.


the Ash ( @ his performance show (Bouroughs of LA art grad show)


Cryin hot right now. The Kim, so hot right now.


hi john!






so hot right now...


asian parking.....yeah.


watcha know about 20 gallons of free ice cream and free churros?! and free food in general...FREE FOOD CONVENTIONS = AWESOME.



free ice cream = awesome

FD @ Heroes in Claremont.

guy who kinda looks like me?! hahaha


Renee!! hot dizzamn.

back @ Mary's....routines!!

danny brian = pace picante


watcha know about Brian's backflip to lotus invert?!

watcha know about Ryan juggling cans of beer?! haha

Jena likes my art. :)

and her cat caught this super giant was awesome.

We decided to go up to the mountains to see the snow, because it never really snows out here.

on the way up...ramsey's truck got caught in the black ice and couldn't we had to come to his rescue. GG ramsey! haha

snow angels!

pretty gay guys...if gay = awesome!

hhahahahaa...i peed in that snow. just kidding.

bjorn likes snow.

we went to this cabin that had a restaurant and got hot cocoa..haha. how appropriate.

then we found this guy! actually..its just ramsey.

snow drawings...haha


hi amris!

hi dawn!



its soooo cold in the snow at night....thats the air and i think that's us breathing.

Bev got me the new little nike6.0 mascot dude...i heart her.

mook-mook likes me. (is that how i spell his name?)

word em ups son.


what a cookie jar!

that's Ninja Turtles II on vhs by the way...awesome right?


hiooooo!!! So me and PA had this conversation about movies and awesome places and Lost in Translation came up and we told him that we knew this place that was very similar to it and he had this super big smile as if he was a fat kid in a candy store (see me when i was like 10 yrs old. haha) yeah, we all went there, cuz apparantely in Arizona, there isnt anything like that there...

so we had to cancel out the gayness by bringing in girls to reassure our heterosexuality. haha

FlooooorrrrDooorrrkkksssss Bayyybeeeee!!!!



this guy looks like me....

dawn! weeee!!

swivel hips.....<3

oh what!? Amris!

So the night before Chris went back to AZ, we all rolled deep to Sevilla's and got busy with SVCA and the BattleMonkeys......RJ started doing PAs moves in the circle and it was so funny..then PA came out and did RJs moves, and then out of nowhere Richie and PA did a BM routine on was so great. here's some pics.......i'm over color right now, so here's some black and white for a little bit. hahaha

awwwww! oh yeah....ryan and bev both got kicked out like 5 mins within getting into Sevilla's cuz the security guard saw ryan take a sip from bev's drink....tsk. tsk. tsk. "Lesson learned." - PA. hahahaha...awwww. its okay time for sure.

D to the IZZAWN!









where it would normally just be a room with a big b-boy dance somehow turned into an awesome dance party. score.

do-knock.....okay...back to color...

soto pop son-in-law!

V is for Vex...


dolla dolla bill y'all....

jamaica queens is hyphy! haha

awww vena!

hehe...i know...i'm awesome. the other day (14th) was me and asianrobot's 1 month anniversary...same with brian&jen's and ryan&bev's. hehe...technically we didnt celebrate it because of time and finals week for her...but i met up with her and xenia and ate asian things and got to play for a little bit.

what a great week.....

that's cuz we're awesome....ain't no half steppin....suckaaazzz!!

IHOP @ 4am is always fun too... yeah....

i guess that's that....(oh yeah...richie looks like Jason Schwartzman)

biggest, sexiest, most action packed blog ever?

Despite me getting rejected by UCLA and some minor stuff, i still am hopeful about getting into SVA in NY...if not, whatever. i have a great family and the best friends in the entire yeah. Until the next action packed blog.....peace!!!!

Attack of the Killer FloorDorks/Quadratics (por vida)/CryinTiger/GRN/Lost Bananas/Ghetto Ninjas

p.s. to make up for the lack of half naked is a picture from the photoshoot i did with Quasimoto and his girl ;) hehe.

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